I have been to numerous German and International weddings both as a guest and as a DJ and every wedding has its own magic. Your wedding should also be an unforgettable und unique celebration. The right music at the right moment is necessary for a vibrant atmosphere. Not only will I create an evening of music to get your guests dancing, but I’ll bring music and entertainment in to your entire day, creating fun and memorable moments.

When it comes to the most beautiful day of your  life, empathy, trust and professional support counts the most. Choosing the right Dj or Band plays a huge role in determining how successful the whole event will be.

Therefore, I will collaborate with you in advance to ensure everything fits your personalities and there’s no nasty surprises on your special day.

 I don’t just turn up, play some music, and hope your guests will dance!  By understanding the music that connects you and your guests in advance of, you can be sure I’ll play the songs you love dancing to.  You will receive a music wish list from me in advance  which gives you and your guests as much control as you want over the music played – you can even provide a ‘Do Not Play’ list of songs that you don’t want played!

The most important thing for me is that the dance floor is full and that you and your guests have an amazing and unforgettable evening.

I’ll bring your evening to an end on a high, surrounded by friends and family for one last song.  I can either co-ordinate your guests to dance in a big circle, holding hands, or, if you need to make a quick getaway, create an archway ‘tunnel of love’ of your guests for you to run through as you say goodbye to everyone!  Whichever way we end the evening, it’ll be memorable for everyone! 

What happens if I get sick before your wedding?

Since it is so difficult to find a good wedding DJ on short notice, especially during  the wedding season, I will personally provide a professional  replacement DJ.

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